Do you like engagement sessions? Do you want to feel comfortable in front of a camera? Is love a big deal to you? The answer should be "YES!"

Why are these things a big deal to us?


Well, imagine spending months planning your wedding & you get a photographer who:

  1.  Charges you for an engagement session when your budget is almost maxed out & you still have tons of other things to get for the wedding.
  2.  Even if they do give you an engagement session, they don't take the time to coach you to have you look your best on your wedding day.
  3.  Makes you buy add on's BEFORE you even know how these things will look, their price includes making you buy albums & canvas prints, but makes the price go over budget!
  4.  Doesn't design your album beforehand for a discounted rate and gives you the digital files and make a video out of it when you get the album.
  5. Charges $100-$150 PER EACH ADDITIONAL SPREAD in your album.
  6. Charge you for interns who need to build their portfolio work.
  7. Lastly, there's a charge for EVERTHING.

To the photographers reading this, I get it. You've been taught to charge for everything, but for me there are some things I can slide. I'm a people person, so although these are my clients, I also don't mind going the extra mile, or putting in just a little bit more work for my clients to get that special something.

Now back to my clients

YES! We do Photo & Video, View our rotating galleries that we always update & refine. We love our clients and we hope you see the affinity we have with each couple. It's not uncommon for us to be friends on facebook after the wedding is said and done with photos/video/album having been delivered. We love seeing our clients blossom from husband & wife, to a wholesome full family with adorable children, that we often end up shooting the maternity and newborn sessions for. It's our honor to be asked to shoot their ever growing family. Every wedding gets video for free, not added to the price, FREE. Highlight AND Ceremony for free. Why?  We have just acquired a new video team, and they have experience in commercial, and commercial events work. To help build their wedding portfolio we are offering video for free for a limited time. Once our team has hit 5 weddings, the opportunity will expire & be removed from the site, inquire asap for number of available spots.

If my work were a steak sauce, it'd be A1 baby.


So who do you want shooting your wedding? A textbook photographer? Or a friend who gets the job done professionally, and getting some A1 steak sauce looking photos?


Click on the Weddings to see my work, click About Us to know that I have an amazing 2 year old son who is my whole world, or go straight to Investing in You to send me an email with details of your wedding and your favorite ice cream to get.